one of my favourite r&b songs….made chill. my first chop dont judge


Privé, ATL


Common – Blak Majik (feat. Jhené Aiko) (Live on Jimmy Kimmel Live!)


Skepta | That’s Not Me featuring JME

the tune!




Shade faces

this is beautiful 

Beyond beautiful.

naomi is queen of shade

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"Young girls getting made up
Wanna grow up fast cause that’s the only way we live now
But we’re missing out on everything
Summer days in the rays playing games with your friends a bit
Look, what we take away from them"

Maverick Sabre, Look what I’ve done to you (via it-willbeworth-it)


I am 100% addicted to Maverick Sabre’s new song Emotion (Ain’t Nobody). The song has this amazing beat to it combined with Maverick’s bluesy voice makes this a really special song. The sample of Chaka Khan’s song Ain’t Nobody for the chorus has even been approved by the women herself! I cannot wait for Mavericks album and if this track is anything to go by its gonna be something special - Jakk

I don’t drink too much, I know the Budweiser.

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